Angie Hills

Angie Hills Live!

Born in Saskatoon, Angie began singing professionally as a young girl, singing jingles for local radio and television. She has most recently been known to “sit in” or sing background vocals for local musicians.  Her ear and rhythm for music has been passed down through many generations of musicians in her family. Angie’s mother Sharon was not only an inspiration but also a well recognized vocal coach that helped guide her powerful, soulful style.  Angie’s dad Jack was a country singer that was always willing and ready to bring out the guitar and get her singing at family events.  Throughout her late 20’s, Angie kept her voice active by hosting karaoke, sitting in with her brother (Scotty Hills), singing on his first album (Wonderland Urgency) and working with many local musicians.  In late 2011 Angie began her own duo (“Angie Hills & Aaron Young Live!”) partnering with Canada’s top guitarist/producer Aaron Young, laying local lounges, restaurants, weddings an corporate events. Together they produce a very entertaining acoustic/pop/soul live show that has something for all ages.  Angie has also put together a band with some of the finest musicians in Canada “Angie Hills & The Soul City Limits” is made up of Aaron Young (guitar), Steve Fletcher (Keyboard) and Andy Ericson (Drums). Angie has always known that singing is the direction her life has always been meant to take and she feels very fortunate to be able to make a living doing what she loves!

Aaron Young

Aaron Young

Aaron has spent the last 26 years perfecting his crafts. He has been coined as being one of Canada’s top guitarist’s. Starting his professional career at age 11, Aaron became a child protege and appeared on several television and radio shows, as well as winning many awards. At age 19 he moved from Prince Albert Saskatchewan to Calgary Alberta to join touring stage show ‘Barrage’. His 5 year stint with the highly acclaimed group drastically changed his résumé and seasoned his abilities. Here are some the high lights during this 1500+ performance stint; Countries toured- England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Every mainland US State, Japan and China. Aaron has played at all the major European festivals and Halls even the infamous BBC Hall in London! Aaron was also featured on the PBS television special, ‘ Barrage, The World On Stage’. The live concert was aired to over 80 Million households in North America. His original Composition, “Spazz jazz”, seen on the program, earned him over 10 million hits on Napster! Since his Stint in Barrage Aaron has been Nominated for several WCMA awards as well as a National Jazz Nomination in 2008 for his Group Siilan and Young. His ability as Producer and audio engineer has also earned him much recognition, as his Studio, The Audio Lounge, has recorded and produced in excess of 60 commercial albums. Aaron is widely known for his ability to play all styles and genres of music. In 2005 Aaron became a permanent member of infamous ‘Polyjesters’. The Poly’s have toured the World over and dazzled there audiences with there wide vocabulary of styles and comedic banter. Currently, Aaron commits himself to playing with the following groups; The Polyjesters, Angie Hills, Sillan and Young, Jory Kinjo, Brent Tyler, Gerry Hebert, Simon Fisk and his newest original trio project, ‘ The Blackbelts’….stay tuned.

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